American core values

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Southern Core Values

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People for the American Way

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Our Values

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Any discussion about American today will certainly bring up the important topic of “what-are-our-values” in the United States. It’s important because it helps us see where our country will be going in. The US-American cultural values identified by Kohls and others all have counterparts in other cultures and they are often diametrically opposed to central core values in the United States.

Therefore, they can be arranged into "contrast sets”" of cultural values. Oct 29,  · At American Institute, we strive every day to offer a different kind of learning – one that is focused on the student. Hear what our graduates have to say about their experience in this short video.

An Adventure in American Culture & Values

10 Core American Values. individualism. belief that each person is unique, special and a “basic unit of nature” emphasis on individual initiative. Core Values Finance of America’s Core Values are more than just words; they are the representation of who we are, who we want to be, and how we want to be perceived.

Our Core Values express the fundamental philosophies that drive our extraordinary organization, so their meaning truly resonates with our employees, business partners and borrowers.

The Seven Army Values. Loyalty Bear true faith and allegiance to the U.S. constitution, the Army, and other soldiers. Be loyal to the nation and its heritage.

An Adventure in American Culture & Values

The Decision at the Marias. The men thought the route ran to the northwest up the Marias River, while both Lewis and Clark thought the main river channel ran to the southwest.

American core values
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