Classifications of hybrid electric vehicles

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S-Class Sedan

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Car Fuel Types

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Best Hybrid and Electric Cars View the best hybrid and electric cars, covering electric cars and hybrids generally priced below $30, Then read our hybrid reviews and view photos. Anticipates the road ahead. And paves it for other cars. Today's S-Class previews the future of driving. It can change lanes with a tap of your finger.

The two types of hybrids that fit in the gasoline-electric categories are the series hybrid and the parallel hybrid. In a series hybrid, the electric motor handles all the driving and the gasoline engine only recharges the battery pack.

Types of Electric Vehicles: BEV, PHEV and HEV There are three main types of electric vehicles (EVs), classed by the degree that electricity is used as their energy source. BEVs, or battery electric vehicles, PHEVs of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and HEVs, or hybrid electric vehicles.

The strength of this electric plugin hybrid lies, among other things, in the perfect synchronization of its combustion engine and electric motor. It is a feature that enables this car to deliver maximum efficiency and fluid dynamics on the road.

1. Technology Although the Electric Vehicles (EVs) have been around since the earliest days of automotive industry, they were not able to live up to consumer demand in terms of price range and charging time until recently.

Classifications of hybrid electric vehicles
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