Compare contrast spanish and french colonies treatment of native americans

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How did French relations with the Indians compare with those of Spain?

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Oct 23,  · compare and contrast the Spanish colonists and English colonists treatment of the native Americans they encountered. think about: religious cultural exchange, land acquisition, intermarriageStatus: Resolved.

The New World: A Stage for Cultural Interaction

Comparison and Contrast between Spanish and French Catholic Schooling is a significant issue in the early American history. After Christopher Columbus landed inthe English people, French, and Spaniard extended their territories and assimilated Indian by assigning missionaries and governors to develop Catholic schools in the New World.

Comparing Settlement Patterns: New Spain, New France, and British North America The Spanish, French, and English all established major colonial settlements in Trade with the Native Americans gave the French a seemingly endless supply of furs.

The trading relationship between the French and the As in the Dutch and Spanish colonies. Get an answer for 'How did the Spanish, French, British, and Americans differ in their interactions with Native Americans between the years of 's and the 's?' and find homework help for.

Get an answer for 'How did the Spanish, French, British, and Americans differ in their interactions with Native Americans between the years of 's and the 's?' and find homework help for.

English, French, and Spanish Colonies: A Comparison regions that had been colonized by the French or Spanish would retain national characteristics that Religion Economy Population Growth Relations with Native Americans English Colonies Most colonies established by royal char-ter.

Earliest settlements were in Virginia and .

Compare contrast spanish and french colonies treatment of native americans
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How Did the Spanish Treat the Native Americans? |