Eliade on baptism

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Theology and Church History

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Holy Spirit

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The unique property of water is to take the shape of that which surrounds it but to never possess a specific shape by itself. As Mircea Eliade notes in The Sacred & The Profane, this is so because water is incapable of "transcending" its own mode of being and of manifesting itself in unavocenorthernalabama.com observes that everything that has form "manifests itself above the waters, by detaching itself.

Out of shame Mircea Eliade, lauded and eminent Chicago intellectual, concealed his membership in Romania’s Nazi-linked Iron Guard. Out of shame memorials to the murdered rose up. Out of shame synagogues were rebuilt in the ruins of November 9,the night of fire and pogrom and the smashing of windows.

on the Sacrament of Baptism: Wherein, the Doctrine of That Divine Ordinance Is Opened and Explained; The Download link for Homo Religious In Mircea Eliade An Anthropological Evaluation,Read File Online for Homo Religious In Mircea Eliade An Anthropological Evaluation pdf live, Library link download Homo Religious In Mircea Eliade.

Romania is a country slightly smaller than the state of Oregon, measuring 91, square miles (, square kilometers).

Located in southeastern Europe, it is bounded by the Ukraine and Slovakia to the north, Bulgaria to the south, Serbia to the southwest, Moldavia and the Black Sea to the east, and Hungary to the west.

Prof. Mircea Eliade (Treatise on the History of Religions, Paris ) shows this fact in detail. Essentially, all religions have some sort of Baptism or Ablution, intended to cleanse away some sort of Original Sin.

William Henry

"Baptism represents death and interment, life and resurrection. When we plunge our heads under the water, as in a sepulcher. Glossolalia within Christendom. During the second half of the second century AD, in Phrygia, the region of the city Laodicea, Montanus, a former pagan priest, founded a charismatic movement, montanism.

Eliade on baptism
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Mithraism and Early Christianity