French aid in american revolution

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How Did France Help Aid the American Colonies?

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France in the American Revolutionary War

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France and the American Civil War

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The French Government and the Civil War, The diplomatic action () Sainlaude, Stève. France and the Confederacy, () Sears, Louis Martin. "A Confederate Diplomat at the Court of Napoleon III," American Historical Review () 26#2 pp. – in JSTOR on Slidell. Wahlstrom, Todd W. A look at the American Revolutionary War and the decisive role France played in ending the conflict in the colonists' favor.

but he sent a secret loan and other aid anyway.

What was the outcome of the Russian Revolution?

Meanwhile, the French entered negotiations with the Spanish, who could also threaten Britain, but who were worried about colonial independence. American Revolution. French involvement in the American Revolutionary War began inwhen France, a rival of the British Empire, secretly shipped supplies to the Continental Army.

A Treaty of Alliance in soon followed, which led to shipments of money and matériel to the United States. Sep 01,  · The American revolution was a chance to weaken England and they took it but it bankrupted France and was a major reason for the French Revolution which was inspired by for it American Revolution.

Harding, Oliver "Impact of the French Revolution on 18th Century Europe and Relevance to Contemporary Christianity." Impact of the French Revolution on 18th Century Europe and Relevance to Contemporary Christianity French aid was the cause of the colonists’ victory of the American Revolution.

Without it, the colonies would not have succeeded in their revolt against Britain.

French aid in american revolution
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