French and indian war effect on british colonial relations

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How Did the Seven Years' War Affect Native Americans?

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They established the colony of Quebec in Canada in and quickly developed economic and political relationships with many Indian groups in the St. Lawrence River valley and the Great Lakes. The French and Indian War had a dramatic effect on the American colonies.

Britain was occupied with the Seven Years War with France and had kind of left the American colonies to its own devices.

Relations Between the Indians and French

Sep 23,  · The French and Indian War embodied the discrepancies of the colonials and English tactics, bravery, and skill and emboldened the colonies to eventually lead to rebellion.

The war by the British was originally being fought with classical tactics and old-guard leaders like Edward Braddock. The British paid for the French and Indian War, which took place exclusively on the North American continent. However, the costs for the war were high. One of the biggest impacts the French and Indian War had on British-American relations was economic.

In order to pay for the immense cost of the war, the British imposed new taxes on the colonists. Aug 25,  · Best Answer: The French and Indian War or Seven Years' War as known in Europe was a very costly war for Britain, although it was victorious and gained ownership of French territories in North America, it left the treasury in a dire state.

The British of course to compensate started to directly tax the colonists (Stamp Act).Status: Resolved.

French and indian war effect on british colonial relations
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Indian Country Wisconsin - Relations Between the Indians and French