Things to do in a dorm

One things both parents and new technology students should remember is that they shouldn't go together.

Top 10 Things Every College Student Needs For Their Dorm

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10 Things No One Tells You About Your Freshman Year Of College

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Get a part-time jobprofessionally doing something that relates to your assertion. It can get pretty annoying when your neighbors are constantly throwing parties, especially when you have things to do in the morning.

Be courteous of others and don’t make dorm parties a regular occurrence. Do: Bring extra towels “There are few things in this world more distressing and inconvenient than going to shower and realizing you have nothing to dry yourself off with,” Cohen said. Dorm room study nook: Learn how to build a special place to do all your studying from this link.

RFID protected valuables: Lock down your valuable items when you leave the room by using your tech expertise to build this RFID system. The Things You Should Take Care of Before You Leave A quick check-list of all the little things you need to have ready to go by the time moving day comes.

If you need to purchase items, amazon and have extensive selections of products for the dorm room. Here is a guide to help you and your child pack for dorm room living. Here is a guide to help you and your child pack for dorm room living. A shower caddy is extremely important to remember when you go off to college because nobody wants to be that kid that's dropping things in the halls or forgetting their body wash in their dorm on.

Things to do in a dorm
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