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French Immersion and Extended French

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Puerto Rico needs your help

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The OPI is a testing method that measures how well people speak a language by comparing their performance of specific language tasks with the criteria for each of proficiency levels described in the ACTFL Revised Proficiency Guidelines or the ILR Guidelines for Speaking.

Learn French in France – Wine, Cheese and Homework So last month I spent some time in France at a wonderful language school called Coeur de France, as you may remember.

I wrote my first bi-lingual blog post, a quick introduction to the school, a couple of weeks ago. Puerto Rico needs your help.

DLI - German Language Course - SOLT Course: Homework

I'm the creator of this site, a Spanish teacher in MA, and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I'm hoping some of you join me in donating to. No books.

No writing. No drills. And nothing to memorize—ever! With his unique program, Michel Thomas has taught French, Italian, Spanish, and German to celebrities, corporate leaders, and school children—with immediate and amazing results.

Learning and Teaching French. Teachers and students can use these comprehensive French language guides to improve reading, writing, and comprehension skills for.

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