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Why India is not safe for solo women

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Follow @TelegraphTravel. india is too busy financing fake shit about india that violates women in a country where the money needs to be spent on the billions of uneducated, starving, diseased, and unavocenorthernalabama.com encouraging even more shit.

Jan 03,  · Are Women Safe In India? The brutal rape and death of a young student in New Delhi is raising concerns about violence against women in India. To find out more about the challenges women face in.

Even in Mumbai, India's most cosmopolitan city, women have been arrested and accused of being prostitutes when drinking in the city's bars. There are some famous places in India where truly women are not safe and its not Bangalore.

Bangalore is actually a safe place for women, but if I had a sister I would never send her out alone after 8PM or 9PM. Goa, the most happening party place in India is a very safe place for women travelers, as long as you travel responsibly.

To stay safe, it is .

Women india safe
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